Vero Beach Art of Dentistry Team Members

Dr. Johnson Hagood has assembled an incredibly dedicated team at Vero Beach Art of Dentistry to serve your dental needs. His staff has exceptional chair-side manner, extensive dental knowledge, and highly evolved interpersonal skills. Exhibiting an outstanding caring attitude, both toward their dentistry and their patients, they take the time to listen to your concerns and to get to know you as a person.

We are dedicated and committed to making a difference in dentistry and in our patient’s lives. We are passionate about providing long-term care, and we love working with each other.

Meet Katie Thomas, Dental Assistant

Katie graduated from Indian River State College with her A.S. degree in Dental Assisting Technology and Management in 2018. She worked in oral surgery for a year then joined Dr. Hagood’s team in 2019. She enjoys weight lifting, traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with her loved ones.

“I am so excited that I get to work with such a fantastic team that truly feels like family. I love working in dentistry, and am happy to continue my career at such an amazing office!”

Meet Sabrina Flores, R.D.H.

Sabrina Flores has been Dr. Hagood’s dental hygienist since 2005. She believes that healthy habits are foundational to keeping your teeth for a lifetime, and is dedicated to keeping all of Dr. Hagood’s patients in excellent periodontal health. Sabrina is a graduate of Indian River State College and has advanced training in the areas of preventive care, advanced periodontal therapy, and esthetic dentistry. When she’s not working, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her son, and she also enjoys skiing.

“I’m proud to be part of such a dedicated & caring staff! Every day is an awesome adventure!”

Meet Courtney Russell, Office Manager and Patient Care Coordinator

Courtney graduated Indian River State College in 2009 with an A.S. degree in Dental Assisting Technology and Management, and she began working for Dr. Hagood in 2010. When she is not busy helping Dr. Hagood, Courtney enjoys boating, fishing, traveling and spending time with her husband Robert, daughters Ava and Emerson, and dog Jake.

“I’m excited to be a part of such an enthusiastic team. They make it fun to come to work, which makes it easy to help our patients.”

Meet Kristen Bishop, R.N., Patient Care Coordinator

Kristen has an A.S. degree in Dental Assisting Technology and Management from River State College. She completed her R.N. degree in 2016 at Indian River State College. She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and aspires to become a dentist! She enjoys spending time with her dog Knox, boating, fishing, wakeboarding and anything on the water when not working.

“I’m excited for my career in dentistry. I have learned so much with an office that values the quality of work and not the quantity!”

Meet Carlee Hopkins, Dental Assistant

Carlie has been working in dentistry since 2015, when she joined Dr. Hagood’s team and received on-the-job training from him. She enjoys riding horses and spending time with her husband Dustin, daughter Harper and stepson Cohen.

"I'm proud to be a part of such a phenomenal team and look forward to what my career may hold with dentistry.