What is Expansion orthodontics?

When it comes to expansion orthodontics, there a few different appliances we could use. These come in both fixed and removable forms. They are also uniquely made for each patient to expand their palates, fix malocclusions, and improve breathing. Here are the different types of appliances used in expansion orthodontics.  

What is Expansion orthodontics?

What Are the Different Types of Appliances used in Expansion Orthodontics?

Rapid Palatal Expander

The rapid palatal expander is used to correct small palates, crossbites, and crowding. This appliance fits over a few back teeth in the upper jaw. It has a screw in the middle that creates tension between the two palatal bones when adjusted. Over time, the upper jaw widens.  

Ultimately, this appliance aims to open the upper jaw, broaden the dental arch, and move the teeth. An expansion orthodontic treatment could take an average of three to six months to complete.  

Removable Palatal Expander

The removable palatal expander is suitable for patients that only need minor jaw widening. It has an appearance like acrylic retainers, except they’re chrome. If you only need minor adjustments, then a removable palatal expander is your best option! 

Implant-Supported Expansion

Implant-supported expansion is suitable for patients whose jaws are almost fully developed, i.e., young adults. The implant-supported expansion forcibly widens the jaw and palate successfully. It uses four mini-implants that apply heavy force directly to the mandible 

Surgically Assisted Palatal Expansion

Once the jaw has fully developed, surgery is necessary to widen it successfully. Therefore, your dentist will surgically insert an expander into your palate bone.  

What is Expansion orthodontics?

Looking for Expansion Orthodontics?

If you’re suffering from malocclusions and are having a challenging time breathing, then it may have something to do with the shape of your jaw. It’s best to consult with an orthodontist to know what’s going on and your treatment options. At Vero Beach Art of Dentistry, we offer expansion orthodontics. Our dentists will help you achieve the healthy, straight smile you desire. Contact us for inquiries!