Smile Makeovers for Dentists

Because Dr. Hagood is a meticulous perfectionist who works with like-minded ceramists, a smile makeover from Dr. Hagood will transform your life, as well as your dental practice.

Dr. Johnson Hagood will treat your special mouth like the precious first impression it is. Experience a comprehensive diagnostic work up, trial smile, and collaborative treatment planning process for yourself. Then, move forward to achieving the perfect smile to optimize your own oral health, function, and aesthetics.

This may be the single best investment you make in your career… a smile that dazzles and in which you will take great pride. Learn from the process and roll that learning over onto your own practice. Not only will you achieve the smile of your dreams, but you will also experience the highest quality dentistry performed by a master of functional aesthetic dentistry and human relations.

Study what he does first hand as you experience it, and then take the learning opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Hagood during and after treatment. Patients visit Vero Beach, FL for more than its beautiful resort area, and you can, too. Reach out to Johnson Hagood at or call (772) 567-2237.