What is Expansion Orthodontics?

Expansion orthodontics plays a crucial role in addressing crowding, airway, and malocclusions. It aims to widen the upper jaw, allowing the upper teeth to sit comfortably against the bottom teeth and correct an offset bite.   

This treatment can be extremely helpful for children because their jaws and teeth are still growing. Therefore, it’s easier to correct dental arches and jaws that are not in the right position. However, adults can also benefit from this treatment! In this article, we will discuss why expansion orthodontics is so important.   

   What is Expansion Orthodontics?

Why is Expansion Orthodontics Important?  

Corrects a Crossbite  

Have you ever heard of an underbite or an overbite? Well, now there’s the crossbite. Basically, this is where the top palate of your mouth is narrow enough to fit inside your bottom row of teeth. However, this is not to be confused with an underbite. Your front teeth are still in place. However, the sides of your top row are a bit too narrow.   

More specifically, a crossbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth.   

This offset can cause facial imbalance and make some patients a little self-conscious about their smile. Expansion orthodontics can help correct this problem by widening your top palate. This allows your upper teeth to close around the outside of your lower teeth.   

This treatment will not only help improve your smile, but it is sure to bring back that confidence you’ve been longing for.  

Prevents or Reduces Overcrowding   

Correcting the position of dental arches and jaws in children can help prevent crowding. By widening the dental arch, we are making extra space for adult teeth to move into their correct positions. Therefore, avoiding the problem of overcrowding.   

Reduces Snoring and Improves Breathing Ability  

When your jaw is too narrow to accommodate all your teeth, it may result in crowding and, therefore, a restricted airway. This can lead to unconscious mouth-breathing. Moreover, breathing with your mouth open can lead to the inhalation of unfiltered bacteria, halitosis, and dry mouth.   

Widening your palate can open your nasal passages and improve your breathing ability. Furthermore, it can also improve your oral health and overall health.   

 What is Expansion Orthodontics?

Looking for Expansion Orthodontics?  

Expansion orthodontics might be the solution to your nighttime snoring and OSA. To know for sure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson Hagood today. At Vero Beach Art of Dentistry, we offer expansion orthodontics to bring back that beautiful smile!