where is the best teeth whitening vero beach?

Teeth whitening Vero Beach has become so popular recently that people want to have a beaming white smile without sparing a penny. That is why the rise in DIY teeth whitening have scattered all over the internet and people are going crazy about it. But did you know that the risk of permanently damaging your teeth outweighs the benefits of DIY teeth whitening? Here are some negative side effects of DIY teeth whitening.

Permanently Thins Your Enamel

Ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and bicarbonate are found in DIY teeth whitening products. This wears off the enamel on your teeth and can permanently damage it. The thinning of the enamel leaves your teeth sensitive and vulnerable to tooth decay.

Damages Your Gums

Hydrogen peroxide also cause extensive damage to your gums. If you experience any swelling or bleeding after you’ve DIY whiten your teeth, please see a dentist immediately for proper diagnosis. It may have caused an infection, and this obviously puts your overall oral health at risk. Instead of saving money you are actually going to end up spending more.

Burns Your Throat and Stomach if Swallowed

If you are not cautious enough, you might swallow the whitening substance. This imposes serious harm on your health. Swallowing can cause abrasive burning in your throat and stomach. If you did accidentally swallow a whitening substance, make sure to go to the nearest ER for treatment.

May Darken Your Teeth instead of Whitening it

Now that your enamel has been stripped off because of the abrasive ingredients found in DIY teeth whitening treatment, this means that your teeth is more prone to damages like staining. Consuming foods such as wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, juices, candy, colored sauces, spices, and more will darken your teeth overtime. This long-term consequence defeats the purpose of why you tried to whiten your teeth in the first place.

where is the best teeth whitening vero beach?

Looking for the Best Option for Teeth Whitening Vero Beach?

It’s just not worth it to sacrifice so much or your oral health just to save a few bucks on whitening your teeth. The best and safest option for teeth whitening Vero Beach is to get it from a licensed dental clinic like Vero Beach Art of Dentistry. We believe in providing patients with a complete smile makeover that is naturally beautiful, comfortable and long lasting. Call us and get your teeth whitened with today.