Paying for Your Dentistry

Vero Beach Dentist

You didn’t expect to see a smiling patient image on this page, did you? This is one of our real patients, and her smile means the world to us. After treatment, we hope you smile as broadly, confidently, and joyfully.

On the road to a beautiful, healthy smile, patients often are concerned about the cost of dentistry and receiving value for their dental investment. Some patients let insurance limitations stand in the way of receiving the following:

  • an accurate diagnosis,
  • the expert care required to solve problems of the mouth with solutions that are lasting,
  • the best restorative and cosmetic dentistry,
  • comprehensive treatment that minimizes future need for extensive dentistry,
  • alleviation of TMJ related pain,
  • and even complete preventive care.

The alternative to limiting yourself is to have the best care that dentistry has to offer, and to minimize your need for more extensive dentistry in the future. This way you maximize the benefits of health and beauty now and in the future. In our Vero Beach practice, Dr. Johnson Hagood believes you have the right to:

  • a comprehensive examination and diagnosis,
  • a well thought out, evidence-based treatment plan,
  • full information about the dentistry and treatment options that are the most appropriate for your individual circumstances, and
  • be collaboratively involved in your treatment plan, with your preferences and concerns helping guide his recommendations for you.

His goals are to:

  • solve immediate oral health problems,
  • prevent future oral health problems,
  • maintain excellent oral health,
  • achieve your cosmetic smile objectives, and
  • minimize the amount of dentistry you will need over your lifetime.

One of the things we care about most is helping our patients understand how their choices impact their future oral health and, in turn, helping our patients intentionally move forward with creating and maintaining the healthy, beautiful smile they desire.

Making Your Dentistry More Affordable

Together, you and we will come to an understanding of your budget and the phases in which you can afford treatment to achieve your goals. Yes, we will help you use and maximize the dental benefits you have. Yes, we can discuss ways for you to finance extensive dentistry. And, yes, even whole mouth makeovers can be planned to be achieved over time, in more affordable phases of treatment. But, we want you to have the best of care, and to trust that the investment you are making is a quality investment.

Prior to accepting treatment, you will be fully informed about the offered treatment and our fees. Your questions will be answered, and we will discuss how to maximize the dental benefits you do have and what you can expect to pay. As a service to you, we will expertly prepare and complete the dental section of your claim form and provide all requested records, narratives, and other correspondence necessary to maximize your allowable benefits. Even if you have insurance that covers your treatment, we request that you pay your treatment fees directly to us at the time of service. We will prepare your claim forms, as described above, and you will submit your claims to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. In this way, you will benefit from reduced personal cost. You can typically expect a response from your insurance company within two to three weeks after submitting a claim.

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, America Express, and Discover cards. Interest free financing is also available to those with acceptable credit histories via the CareCredit® financing loan program.