Teeth Whitening

Vero Beach Teeth Whitening Dentist

One of the most commonly requested procedures at Vero Beach Art of Dentistry is teeth whitening. Not only is this performed as a standalone procedure but also in combination with prophylactic teeth cleaning and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan before restorations are made to match the preferred white you want for your smile. With in-office whitening we can whiten your teeth effectively in one convenient session.

Dr. Johnson Hagood stays abreast of advances in whitening systems and has selected two different systems for use in his office…the relatively low cost Sinsational Smile® technique and also the higher cost AquaBrite Deep Bleaching™, which is specially formulated for removal of deep stains and to relieve teeth sensitivity after bleaching.

Certain food and drinks, tobacco usage, medications, age and other conditions affect the amount of stain on your teeth and how often treatment is required to maintain the whiteness you prefer. Some stains are internal to the tooth and cannot be removed by teeth whitening. These are called “intrinsic stains” and can be corrected with cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers.

Dr. Hagood and our hygienist will be happy to discuss the in-office whitening options with you, answer your questions about over-the-counter whitening products, and confirm whether you have intrinsic stains that Dr. Hagood can cover with cosmetic treatment.

Note that combining teeth whitening with your regular dental cleaning appointment is an efficient and lower cost way to have in-house whitening. Please let us know ahead of your appointment if you would like to combine the two.

Teeth Whitening with Sinsational Smile®

Vero Beach Sinsational Smile DentistSinsational Smile® is a new product that uses a fast and effective prefilled silicone tray and LED light to accelerate whitening in the dental office. In just 20 minutes, you will comfortably have whiter, brighter teeth.

With this treatment, you will also receive a take home pen for maintaining your whiter smile. You will paint the whitening solution on the front of your teeth with the pen, insert your whitening tray, and wait 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you will brush and rinse your teeth.

Most patients achieve the results they desire with the first Sinsational Smile® treatment. Your teeth could be lightened by as much as six to eight shades. The number of in-office treatments you need will depend on your level of staining and the desired level of whiteness you want to achieve.

Sinsational Smile® treatment is surprisingly affordable! For a limited time, we are offering this treatment for the low fee of $99. Call us for details.

Teeth Whitening with AcquaBrite™ Deep Bleaching

Dr. Hagood helps patients with deeper enamel stains by using the AquaBrite™ Deep Bleaching system. This is a highly effective system for deep tooth whitening that rejuvenates tooth structure and can be used with sensitive teeth. This treatment involves two in-office sessions performed by a skilled clinician. During the first appointment, teeth are isolated, prepared for whitening, and then a whitening tray is used to seal the gel onto the teeth for two 20-minute sessions. During the second appointment the gel is applied for another 20 minutes. After your in-office deep bleaching treatment, you can use an at-home whitening system for touch up whitening.

Ready for a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

Give us a call today at (772) 567-2237. Whitening consultations are free. Ask Dr. Hagood which whitening system will achieve your goals. At this time, Sinsational Smile® whitening is $99. If Deep BleachingTM is what you need, you will learn why and the current fee for this service. If cosmetic bonding or an alternative cosmetic treatment is what you will need to cover intrinsic stains, he will inform you about this procedure and about the fee for this service as well.