People have become so obsessed with doing things on their own that it has even reached the point of DIY dentistry. With the rise of DIY braces, DIY fillings, DIY crowns, and DIY teeth whitening, the rise in the number of oral complications has also increased. Although you can save a few bucks from doing things on your own, it’s not just worth it to skip seeing a dentist Vero Beach to address your oral concerns. To walk you through, here are the dangers of DIY dentistry:


Using unsterile objects in your mouth to perform DIY dentistry can cause harm to your gums and other soft tissues. Digging around your mouth with these tools can cause oral infections which could escalate to more serious dental issues.

Tooth Loss

Infection of the gums and teeth can lead to tooth loss which has a ripple effect on bone loss. Having a dentist Vero Beach do your dental treatments will help avoid any unnecessary risks and dangers brought about by DIY.

Alters Your Bite

DIY braces can shift your teeth but it does not assure lasting straight results. In most cases, patients end up altering their bites which affected their speech and even the alignment of their jaws.

Harms Your Jaw Joints

DIY dentistry gives a blanket effect to everyone who wants to do it. This is harmful because each patient have different concerns and one size does not fit all. Forcing a treatment can affect the alignment of your teeth, alter your bite, and even harm your jaw joints.

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