where is the best orthodontist vero beach?

If you want to straighten your teeth to achieve a more beautiful smile, don’t hesitate to visit an Orthodontist in Vero Beach. An orthodontist can create a treatment plan that will help make sure you get the smile you desire. But with so many types of braces in the market, how do you know which option is perfect for you? Let’s find out.

where is the best orthodontist vero beach?

Which Type of Braces is Perfect for Me?

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most popular type of braces. They’ve been around for over 100 years and remain an excellent choice for both children and adults. Metal braces today are different from metal braces from a century ago. They’re now smaller, more comfortable, and more efficient. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the look of metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

If you’re not a fan of metal braces, then you should go for ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are a more discreet option. They’re less noticeable since they’re tooth-colored. But they work like traditional braces. Another great thing about ceramic braces is that they don’t demineralize your tooth enamel. Rest assured that when you take your braces off, your teeth are still in their best condition.  


If you want something discreet, then you should go for Invisalign. Invisalign is made from clear, BPA-free plastic aligners. It uses gentle force to align and straighten your teeth. What’s impressive about them is that they’re very comfortable when worn! They don’t have brackets that can rub against your cheeks or wires that can poke soft tissue in your mouth. Like traditional braces, you need to see an orthodontist in Vero Beach to switch out aligners. 

where is the best orthodontist vero beach?

Looking for an Orthodontist in Vero Beach?

The only way to know which type of braces is perfect for you is to visit an orthodontist in Vero Beach today. At Vero Beach Art of Dentistry, we offer in-house orthodontic treatment at an affordable price, so you can achieve the smile you desire. Contact us for inquiries!